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Wicker Basket: From Jane Birkin To NeSamovyto

A basket is one of the trends in women’s fashion in recent years. It is comfortable, roomy, and attracts the attention of others to its owner.

Firstly was Jane Birkin

But the history of the trendy accessory began long before it came back into fashion. If only one detail of Jane Birkin’s iconic style had to be retained, it would undoubtedly be the wicker basket.

The basket was Jane Birkin’s signature style. She carried it everywhere and wore it with everything. Woven from natural straw and casually hanging from her arm, Jane Birkin was photographed prolifically throughout the 70s, whether for afternoons by the beach or black tie dinners for Cannes Film Festival, raising it to the rank of timeless fashion – and a real must-have.

Today this cult accessory is reinterpreted by NESAMOVYTO. 

Made especially for NESAMOVYTO in the Carpathian Mountains, they are full of Ukrainian flavor and have a very straightforward design. It is suitable not only for spring and summer outfits, but for autumn.

It is sold in a cotton bag, which can then be put in a basket for easier use.

The basket handles are folded inwards, making it compact for storage. See more here:

photo_2022-08-19_14-35-44 (2)

Outfits for your inspiration

A lot of time has passed since Jane Birkin turned an ordinary peasant basket into a trendy accessory. Today, it would never occur to anyone to look askance at a girl with a basket, even at a social event.

We’ve put together stylish looks with various baskets for your inspiration:

photo_2022-08-19_14-35-39 (2)
photo_2022-08-19_14-35-38 (2)
photo_2022-08-19_14-35-39 (3)

All you need is Ukrainian Showroom.