Silk scarf ‘Kurbas’ with double-sided printing
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Silk scarf ‘Kurbas’ with double-sided printing

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Silk scarf ‘Kurbas’ with double-sided printing.
Les Kurbas is a Ukrainian director, actor, theater theorist, playwright, publicist, translator. A representative of the shot revival.
We discover the meanings embedded in the handkerchief:

The outstanding Ukrainian director Les Kurbas was loved for his innovation and experimentation: in his performances, he used masks as symbols and metaphors to express various emotions and ideas. According to the director’s method, it is not the actor who should tell the story, but his body.


In Kurbas’s view, the ideal image of an actor was an “intelligent harlequin”: educated, thinking, self-aware, constantly striving to show his individuality.


At one time, Les organized a studio of young actors, which later grew into the Young Theater – a theater of searches for new forms of embodiment of modern and classical drama.

Also, Kurbas became the founder of first the political and then the philosophical theater ‘Berezil’, where he painted a universe in which the main thing is a special trust in human life in all its contradictions.

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