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Roomy inner pocket. Long detachable chain strap with adjustable length. Additional option: just a leather belt, can be worn with or instead of a chain.

Laconic, versatile, and at the same time sophisticated the design of the bag allows it to be used as part of a business wardrobe, as an element of casual look, and as a bag for an evening out.
Each bag is a work of art, lovingly handcrafted from flotar* material, produced with the best Italian manufactories, very delicate to the touch and at the same time incredibly practical to use.

Flotar is a type of natural leather that is specially processed and has an interesting facial structure with irregular cells, reminiscent of natural folds of the leather. Genuine leather flotar has a matte front surface.
It is leather with a fat percentage of at least 20% that will have a water-repellent effect, which will allow it to be used for things that may come into contact with moisture (for example, a leather bag or a backpack, you can wear it all year round without fear of precipitation and that the product will “lead” after getting wet).

The foil logo is neat and discreet, adding a premium feel to the bag.Brief description: Inside there is a large pocket. Long detachable chain strap with adjustable length. Additional option: just a leather belt, can be worn together with the chain or instead of it.

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Etape is Ukrainian brand of exclusive hand-made bags, shoes and accessories , made from premium Italian leather of highest level of dressing.

The founders of the brand have big experience in the fashion business, representing many of the world’s accessory brands in Ukraine for 15 years. That is why they decided to use their experience to create their own brand, which both design and quality can satisfy the most sophisticated customer.

The main idea of brand- to give to the customers feeling of uniqueness and individuality, combined with versatility and easе of use.

The concept of brand- simple and laconic beauty and luxurious looking base.
Icon of ÈTAPE is the TOY BAG

The name speaks to hiselves – this bag made so cute and attractive, that it began more then bag – it became the real toy for it’s owner.