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The basis of the concept of the brand Anais GoSe – beautiful, light, feminine silhouettes.

The girl who chooses the brand feels confident and absolutely stunned. Anais clothes are perpetual. It can be immersed with various shoes and accessories. Anais is not just a clothing brand, it is a combination of style, originality and excellence quality.

The Anais GoSe client is the very ambitious and self confident woman. She wants to dress stylishly and exclusively. Her main priority is individuality, combination of comfort with unusual cuts, interesting prints and vivid details. She chooses timeless classics. And exactly this brand in its proposals – dresses and suits – gives her the opportunity to pick the perfect outfit for different events.


Anna Zard is a Ukrainian jewelry brand with oriental elegance.

The brand already has a strong DNA: a combination of materials of different textures, the use of accessories with gilding and natural river pearls, unusual jewelry design and dark turquoise brand color. Only hypoallergenic materials are used in the manufacture of jewelry.

Anna Zard presents a wide range of jewelry: necklaces, earrings, rings, hair jewelry and more. All jewelry can be divided into basic and niche, which are perfectly combined with each other.

Anna Zard – jewelry for those who love and want to be the center of attention. These jewelry is the embodiment of a bright and extravagant personality.

The brand stands for equality and freedom of expression between women and men.


Atelier Margo is a return to the era of femininity, sophistication and sexuality. This clothes creates a holiday.

Return to the modern fashion vintage cut of the past years – from the 40’s to 00’s, as if you are flipping through my mother’s catalog! – this is exactly the idea of the images of the young Ukrainian brand Atelier Margo. Bright colors, expensive and refined fabrics, elegant and sexy cut of dresses at the same time – this is what our everyday life lacks.

Discover your femininity through clothes, feel like the main star of every holiday evening and not go unnoticed under any circumstances – Atelier Margo is for you.