Candle ‘Salty candy’
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Candle ‘Salty candy’

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Candle volume 120 ml with the aroma of salted caramel.

A wooden wick that crackles when burning.

Burning time is 23 hours.

Ukraine 3-6 days
Europe 7-14 days
Canada, USA 30-45 days
UAE 14-21 days

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The history of the creation of the Lalune.decor candle brand begins with a love for nature and handicrafts. The team mostly works with gypsum and soy wax.

Each planter is made by hand, using natural gypsum, which allows you to preserve its natural structure and add uniqueness to each product.

Candles are known for their aesthetic qualities, because each of them is made with a careful selection of natural ingredients, which makes it possible to create unique candle collections.

The Lalune.decor brand is named after the moon and its mysterious appeal.
We help create a unique atmosphere of coziness and harmony in any room.