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Gold plated transforming cuff-necklace ‘Entero’
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Gold plated transforming cuff-necklace ‘Entero’

200 EUR

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The Entero Transforming Cuff-Necklace can be worn in numerous ways thanks to the movable Link shape slider. To quickly and easily put it on as a cuff, insert it through the thinnest part of the helix at the top of the ear and lower it down to the conch.
Here are 7 ways to wear the Entero Cuff-Necklace we envented, but we’re sure you can come up with even more!

  • Ear cuff with asymmetric chains
  • Ear cuff with a chain around the neck
  • Ear cuff with symmetrical chains
  • Choker with symmetrical chains
  • Choker with long and short chains
  • Loose necklace
  • Pendant on a long chain
Ukraine 3-6 days
Europe 7-14 days
Canada, USA 30-45 days
UAE 14-21 days

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protect from detergents, protect from water

Orxata jewelry is a young Ukrainian brand with transforming body chains and necklaces, adjustable rings and bracelets. It’s signature engineering design lets every woman create her own unique jewelry piece to complement her body shape and translate her personality. It’s all about creativity and conscious consumption, because one jewelry piece reveals a multitude of styles and replaces several ordinary accessories.